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“Music is Freedom” – Kaori Miyazono

K., I (Director). (2014). Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso [Motion picture]. Japan: A-1 Pictures.

I can remember it clearly, when the story starts off with a quiet, talented pianist named Kousei Arima just at a age of 14. At the beginning, we see that Kousei’s Mother Saki dies suddenly, due to the traumatic effect of his mother’s constant expectation and strict rules. Kousei experienced a mental breakdown while performing at a piano recital which resulted in him to no longer being able to hear the sounds of his piano, but his hearing is perfectly fine.

Kousei now views the world in monochrome. Thus, he sets himself to only see and enjoy his spare time with his friends who are Tsubaki Sawade and Ryota Watari. As a boy (referring to me, the writer), once i saw and understand Tsubaki’s relationship with Kousei. I can understand to a level that their friendship is really strong. Hence, i get a feeling that Tsubaki likes Kousei. But, i can only base this interpretation as male, in a sense, i can’t really know her true feeling towards Kousei. It’s only speculation.

Kousei was asked by Tsubaki to wait at a park to meet with a potential friend who Ryota can date. Once there, he hear a beautiful melody from afar and approaches it to get a more clearer sound. He meets a girl named Kaori Miyazono, a passionate, free-spirited, 14 year-old violinist whose playing style reflects her manic personality.

However, time past and after a tearful request from Kaori made Kousei become more upfront with his feeling. Instead, of continually making excuses for himself, he genuinely felt her sincerest request and accepted, soon after, performed together with Kaori. After, a spectacular performance with Kaori, she suddenly collapsed and is hospitalized. At first, Kaori says that she is anaemic and just needs some routine testing, but this is revealed to be a lie when flashes of her past reveal her episodes (collapses and bleeding) appear frequently.

“Please support me in this moment that I’m about to lose heart.” – Kaori Miyazono

K., I (Director). (2014). Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso [Motion picture]. Japan: A-1 Pictures.
Episode 4.

It’s around here, where Tsubaki starts to have a cloudy judgement within herself. She doubts herself and doesn’t want to understand herself. We start to see that Tsubaki actually does have feelings for Kousei, but doesn’t want to mention it at all. My speculation is now coming to fruition!

Kousei was placed into a small tournament by Kaori’s request. Kousei met up with Emi Igawa and Takeshi Aiza. The last time all of the them competed with each other was 2 years ago. Emi is a pianist, who passionately wanted to be one, after listening to Kousei play at the age of 5. Also, Takeshi is a pianist, his aim was always to catch up and surpass Kousei on the piano since watching him play at a young age.

The two performances displayed by Emi and Takeshi were absolutely superb. While Kousei had a performance which was utterly questionable toward the audiences but a beautiful image of discovery that was only directed to Kaori. Kousei play a piece which is Chopin’s Etude Op. 25 No. 5. Which wasn’t necessarily difficult compared to what Emi and Takeshi played. He was only able to find himself from the depth of darkness, his light (Kaori).

Kaori is also seen around Kousei a lot lately. If you haven’t figure that out yet. Wherever, you notice Kousei around, Kaori always seem to be there Also, off topic here, The music itself needs to be acknowledged. The selection of music pieces used during this series were without doubt a truly emotional piece. Now back to story!

We see Kaori recovered with a happy smile and almost immediately invites kousei to play at a Gala with her. Sadly, Kaori failed to show up on the day of the Gala. Kaori’s optimistic personality starts wavering and eventually give up on her life.

This time, Kousei is the one who inspires her after playing a duet with Nagi Aiza, who is related to his rival Takeshi Aiza. After shedding tears and listening to it, Kaori decided to accept a risky surgery that may kill her, if it fails. Sadly, while playing in the finals of the Eastern Japan Piano Competition, Kousei sees Kaori’s spirit accompanying him and eventually realizes that she has died during the surgery.

“Spring will be here soon. Spring, the season I met you. Now, A Spring without you…is coming.” – Kousei Arima

K., I (Director). (2014). Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso [Motion picture]. Japan: A-1 Pictures.

After Kaori’s death, her parents give her letter to Kōsei at her funeral. The letter reveals that she was in love with Kousei the whole time, and that her supposed feelings towards Watari were fabricated in order to get closer to Kousei without emotionally injuring Tsubaki, who also has feelings towards Kousei. After finding this out, Tsubaki confronts Kousei and tells him that she will be by his side for the rest of her life.



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