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“A teenage boy and girl embark on a quest to meet each other for the first time after they magically swap bodies.”

Your Name (君の名は – Kimi no Na Wa) written and directed by Makoto Shinkai, is an endearing, beautiful story about growing up, identity, accepting yourself for who you are, looking beyond yourself, connection, change, and fate. It is a film about how we connect with people in unexpected ways and see them in a different light as a result. It leaves the viewer with perspective and self-reflection. With all of the plot twists and turns that take place, the story of Taki and Mitsuha has not become lost within, it’s the heart of the story’s puzzle and has the viewer in a tight, emotional grip from start to finish.

“With themes of love being a force beyond comprehension, the idea that even supernatural phenomenon can have their limits in allowing people to understand one another and fall in love, and that it is ultimately an individual’s own will to act governing the narrative in Your Name, Makoto Shinkai delivers a masterful story in this movie.” – infinitezenith 

(2018, August 27). Kimi no Na wa (Your Name): A Review and Full Recommendation on Makoto Shinkai’s 2016 Film. Retrieved from”With themes of love being a force beyond comprehension, the idea that even supernatural phenomenon can have their limits in allowing people to understand one another and fall in love, and that it is ultimately an individual’s own will to act governing the narrative in Your Name, Makoto Shinkai delivers a masterful story in this movie.”

It all started in high school, at the town of Itomori, specifically near the Hida region. Where a girl named Mitsuha Miyamizu is noticeable tired of her day to day life there. She playfully wishes in her next life that she wants to be boy who lives in a city. Shockingly, one day she wakes up as Taki Tachibana, a high school boy in Tokyo. Couple of days past, with huge messages on paper, their phones, and even on their bodies. Which helps guide them with there day to day life activities.

Miki (on the left) and Taki (on the right) Are preparing to go on a date! How lucky of him? Thanks Mitsuha-san.

Funny enough, Mitsuha-san (Inside Taki-kun body) enabled him to develop a relationship with his coworker Miki, while, Taki-kun (inside Mitsuha-san body) also allowed her to become popular in school. Time past by, Taki, as Mitsuha, went with Mitsuha’s grandmother and sister to place a ritual alcohol (kuchikamizake – Curious about this ritual? Click on it’s name for more details) as an offering at the shrine on the mountaintop outside of town.

Mitsuha’s last note tells Taki about a comet expected to pass earth on the day of her town festival. Taki wakes up in his body multiple times, which inevitably questions him, if Mitsuha’s safety is a concern. He decides to visit Itomori, but he does not know it’s name, and memories of it are fading and Mitsuha’s messages have disappeared. Lucky, a restaurant owner in Hida finally recognizes Itomori from Taki’s sketch and notify him when the comet, that Mitsuha told him about unexpectedly spilts into two, the larger piece kept moving, but the smaller one crashed onto earth and destroyed the town.

Utterly shocked by the news, Taki with no possible way of contacting her. He immediately thought of the journey he had while under Mitsuha’s body to the shrine where they place an offering. His objective was to drink Mitsuha’s kuchikamizake (sake), hoping to reconnect with her body and warn her of the comet strike.

I wanted to tell you that… Wherever you may end up in this world, I will be searching for you.” – Taki Tachibana

Once he consumed the drink, he immediately enter a vision, where taki discovers Mitsuha, having fallen in love with him, past his past self while trying to meet him personally. He wakes in her body on the morning of the town festival. He convinces Mitsuha’s friends Tessie and Sayaka to help evacuate the town by cutting the power and broadcasting a false emergency alert, but the plan fails. he realizes that mitsuha must in his body at the shrine and goes back to find her.

Mitsuha wakes up in Taki’s body at the shrine. And at the same time, Taki is also coming towards the shrine. Once there, during the sunset, they sensed each other’s presence, but were separated by three years. By twilight (or kataware-doki) , they were able to see each other and asked to write there names on their hands, so they will remember each other. Unfortunately, the twilight ended and they both barely or were unable to remember each other. Hence, back to there respective bodies.

“There’s no way we could meet. But one thing is certain. If we see each other, we’ll know. That you were the one who was inside me. That I was the one who was inside you.” – Mitsuha Miyamizu

As Mitsuha races back to town to convince her estranged father, the Itomori mayor, to evacuate the town, her memories of Taki start to fade. She realizes that Taki wrote “I love you” on her hand instead of his name. She cried from reading those word. It also gave her the strength to run to reach the mayor, which is her father. (Personally speaking, i cried too. Because i didn’t expect that). Finally listening to her daughter, Her father asks everyone in the leave immediately. The comet piece crashes to earth destroying itomori.

Five years later, Taki has no recollection of his event with Mitsuha. Instead, he is left with a lingering memory of Mitsuha. One day, Taki and Mitsuha see each other when their trains draw parallel, and are compelled to disembark and search for one another, finally meeting on a staircase. Feeling they have met before, they simultaneously ask for each other’s name.

If the thought or existences of a soul-mate exist, my first questioned, would you know immediately if he/she is the one? Personally, i don’t really know, i only hope, but to hope, isn’t it equivocal to giving up? That what i thought at first. But, thankfully this film has rekindled my sense of belief that there might be someone there for me. Not expecting! But patiently waiting. If you are interested to buy this beautiful story and want to see it for yourself, please click here to buy you own Blu-ray copy!


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Recommendation Article (Goes into details)

Here, is a in-depth Detail article Review of, “Your Name.” I truly want to recommend because of how well organized and well structured it is by infinitezenith. Link is provided down below!

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