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1. A grade school girl with impaired hearing is bullied mercilessly, she transfers into another school. Years later, one of her former tormentors sets out to make amends.

“We live in a world in which judgement is more important than getting to know that person”

N., Y (Director). (2017). 映画 聲の形 [Motion picture]. Japan: Kyoto Animation/Naoko Yamada.”We live in a world in which judgement is more important than getting to know that person”

At the beginning, We are introduce to a unsympathetic character who is Shoya Ishida. A boy who has no idea or sense of what his actions and thoughts have caused to this unbelievably brave little girl Shouko Nishimiya, who has a hearing impairment. Shouko was just entering into a new school, where she was registered into Shoya’s classroom. Her first introduction to the class was writing into the chalkboard about her condition. At first, it peak Shoya’s interest and Shouko wanting nothing but to live normal and integrate well with class. However, when the other students and teacher came to believe her presences is upsetting the social balance, Shoya and Naoka Ueno began to bully her.

“Things would have been so much better back then…. If we had heard each other’s voices. I hate myself. I was selfish, and i never thought about anyone else’s feelings.” – Shoya Ishida.

N., Y (Director). (2017). 映画 聲の形 [Motion picture]. Japan: Kyoto Animation/Naoko Yamada.”Things would have been so much better back then… If we had heard each other’s voices. I hate myself. I was selfish, and i never thought about anyone else’s feelings.”

With the presences of bullying surrounds the class, Word reaches the principal. Shoya’s so called, “friends,” immediately pointed him as the bully. Trying to saves himself from trouble, he also spoke of other accomplices that were present in the class. But they turn on him, denying their involvement. Shouko moved to another school and, ironically, Shoya is subjecting to the same treatment he gave to Shouko. When thrown into the pool, he notices Shouko’s notebook and drys it.

“Raw emotions are at the forefront of all things in Koe no Katachi: the movie is open and honest in how the characters feel about one another, as well as themselves. In this manner, Koe no Katachi, who presented Shōya in a very unfavourable light, sets itself up to show audiences just how much he’s changed and persuades viewers to give him a chance. His subsequent actions stand in stark contrast with his appearance, and in time, audiences will come to empathise with Shōya, rooting for him as he tries to right things with Shōko.” – infinitezenith

The Infinite Zenith. (2019). Koe No Katachi (A Silent Voice): Movie Review and Full Recommendation. [online] Available at: [Accessed 22 Feb. 2019].

Time past and even in high school, Shoya remains a social reject. Thankfully, now grown to accept his past as punishment. He’s left with full bottle of guilt and anxiety. Because of this, he blocks out faces of those around him, unable to look them in the eye. Despite his isolation, Tomohiro Nagatsuka, another loner, befriends him and quickly comes to consider him his best friend. Shoya visits a sign language school only to return Shouko’s once wet notebook in hopes of making amends. The two began meeting at a bridge to feed bread to birds.

2. “Shoya regrets giving it back to her because he didn’t want it to remind her of his past faults!”

Yuzuru, Shōko’s younger sister, strongly doubts Shoya’s intentions. One day, Shōya jumps into a river after Shōko does the same to retrieve a notebook, which happens to be prohibited. Yuzuru secretly takes a photo of Shōya jumping in, and posts it online. Shoya is suspended for the act, and Yuzuru reveals that she was responsible; instead of getting angry, Shoya brings her to stay at his house. When she leaves in the middle of the night, Shoya follows and tells her that he is genuinely remorseful for the way he treated Shoko.

Shoko soon gives Shoya a gift and confesses her feelings for him, but because she tries to verbally communicate her affections rather than signing it out, Shōya does not understand her. Worried that the misunderstanding upset her, Shōya invites her to go to an amusement park with him and his group of classmates. There, Naoka finally voices her feelings of hatred in secret to Shoko. In class, desperate to remain blameless for Shoko’s bullying, Miki Kawai, another former classmate, exposes Shoya’s past to the remaining students who were still oblivious to it, while downplaying her own involvement. The group has a heated confrontation about each member’s level of responsibility, ending with Shoya calling out every one of them for who they really are.

Shoya spends an increasing amount of time with Shoko, travelling to the countryside and exploring together. He is able to help Shoko experience a quantum of happiness during this time, although his actions also drive Shoko to become, ironically, unhappy – she blames herself for everything that’s happened to Shoya and his friends.

During the firework festival, Shoko goes home under the guise of finishing some schoolwork. Shoya follows when Yuzuru asks him to get her camera. When he arrives, he finds Shoko standing on the balcony, on the verge of throwing herself to her death. Shoya succeeds in grabbing her and pulls her back up, but he falls over the side into the river and slips into a coma.

“Shoko please teach me how to live!” – Shoya Ishida

One night, Shoko dreams of receiving a farewell visit from Shoya. Horrified, she runs to the bridge where they fed the birds and collapses in tears. Shoya, awakening from his coma in a state of panic, stumbles to the bridge himself and finds her there, huddled in despair. He formally apologizes to her for the way he treated her, and for the many things he did which may have caused her to hate herself. He asks her to stop blaming herself, and also admits that, while he once considered giving up himself and ending his own life, he has since decided against it. Shoya then asks her to help him continue to live. Ok, i think i’ll end it here. I was in complete tears during this moment. For me, personally, I was so happy for the both of them. I highly recommend any new visitors to gives this film a chance of your time! I can honestly say it has changed my life. You won’t regret it!


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