Protection from Time? – (Jan 9, 2018)

Throughout the years of me growing up, I’ve never once thought to myself that I’m old. My soul feels so young and yet my body is changing and not adapting well throughout the years. Old friends have changed so much like, for example, their process of thinking has risen to new heights, they’ve become more mature than what I remember them as.

So in this blog, i want to recommend you some great tips and tricks to keep your body feeling young and looking beautiful. First, to keep yourself beautiful a good diet will definitely give you a good start for looking young.

Let us start with the hair.

  1. Eating salmon – encourages shine and growth
  2. Eating spinach – prevents breakage
  3. Eating poultry – strengthens and prevents hair loss
  4. Eating cheese encourages growth
  5.  Eating oysters – strengthens and thickens hair

For skin.

  1. Eating soy – encourages a more even skin tone
  2. Eating Olive oil – reduces inflammation and puffy skin
  3. Eating Greek yogurt – prevents wrinkles
  4. Eating Avocado – encourages flexible and moisturized skin
  5. Eating kidney beans – reduces the occurrence of blemishes and ache

For a better smile.

  1. Eating celery – cleaner teeth & freshen breath
  2. Eating cashews  – reduces tooth decay
  3. Eating strawberries – whitens teeth
  4. Drinking Green tea – reduces plaque

These interesting facts should hope to continue a great and satisfying result. Hope it works out like it said to be. I’ll be sure to follow this plan to when i’m on a diet. Until next time see you all on my next blog! 🙂


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