Should I Walk Alone? Through the White Winter Road… – (Dec 13, 2017)

Hey everyone!! Long time no see 🙂 I’ve been doing lots of things lately. Like for example, I’ve been researching on the latest topic of my biomedical degree and also wondering if dentistry is a goal i would like to be forever. But let’s forget about that and talk about the today’s blog. It’s about a warm feeling that everyone had once awhile or forever.

It’s sad when someone you know becomes someone you knew. But, by walking through life, I want to be like a beautiful star because even though it’s been dead long ago. It still able to show it’s beauty to us who are alone. I don’t want to cry anymore, it makes me realized that breathing is hard.

I want to change myself and my future, she will never come to be and i will never hope to see. I must muster up all that left of me and continue walking through the holidays and imagine a better future. A new life of mine where my heart can be at peace but i only wish we never met each other at the very beginning.

We crossed paths and eventually we met but never merged. Now she with another guy that only gives her problems which I heard from only close friends of mine. Weird isn’t it? Is it bad that i unfriended her on facebook? Am i wrong in doing that? I don’t have to see her picture anymore and my most important;y my heart can finally heal. I did unfriend her long ago but i’m worried if i did the wrong thing and just unfollowed her.

Next blog will be about a anime. Until next time see you all in my next blog! 🙂


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