I’m afarid to ask her out? But my heart wants me too. – (Dec 10, 2017)

Hey everyone! Well, it’s been awhile and I finally have something to talk about. I’ve talked to many girls in the past but never thought if they were to be the one. I’ve questioned myself so much, time and time again. Do i like her?  Does she like me? Are just friends? Or is this just to kill time? There is just so much question whenever I’m with a girl, I happen to take an interest.

Sometimes, i talk to this girl for like hours and yet she never really noticed me. She’d only used me for emotional support. I happen to believe that if love ever existed between two people, then, I must believe it’ll come out naturally and beautifully. One of my most important self-rule is that i must never ask a girl out simply just thinking she’s into me. What i did learn is that i must ask her, if she and i have a connection that is strong enough to maintain.

My number one challenge i always face whenever i ask her out is a rejection! Our friendship starts to sway and we tend to spilt our different ways. Life gets really boring because you can never talk to her ever again. But i really do love to talk to her. I don’t want us to even look away. Why am i hurt whenever i start to love? Why can’t she see that I’m in pain but act like everything ok?

It’s so hard to understand this. But i hope someone who’s out there could relate this. Am i alone whenever it comes to heartbreaks. Even though i find someone else to talk too. Someone that is so relatable to me. Will she accept me? Truthfully, I hope she does. Honestly speaking, maybe she will not.

Right now i do have one girl in mind, we chat through text but it’s not a long conversation. She’s beautiful and relatable to me in every way. She likes what i like but sadly we talk very little because she lives so far. She lives in another country but we talk via texts. I’m scared to tell her but i don’t want to lose her. Will i ask her? NO, but i will keep our bond because it’s really fun and exciting to get a text from her. Does she know about this blog? maybe? i hope she does. I wish for the day, where i do ask her out and it’ll all comes true. A couple that i longed waited for. May it all come true.



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