Creating a Peace of Mind – (Dec 7, 2017)

Hey everyone,

Today has been a stressful day, why? Mainly because I’ve been focusing on a way to increase cash flow by creating a passive income while at the same working to create hard-work income. Simply speaking, it really hard because I’m still searching for a type of income that’ll suit me and mix well with my lifestyle.

All these things can have a huge impact on your mental health which I do a poor job of maintaining, mainly cause I’ve never even considered it a thought of concern. Mental health is indeed a concern well put off because of its true impact on society. Society teaches us that in a sense, all humans must have a maintained mental health and if not, then you’ll be considered a mentally special person.

First, you need to create a clear pure mind where you’ll feel free and under control. One way to bring about control mentally is the act of exercise. Exercise is the main key to success. Bring upon yourselves to go to the gym everyone and this will become a daily habit which will improve your livelihood.

Also, eating healthy is another good source for having a controlled and peaceful mind. By allowing the healthy consumption of fruits and vegetables. You’ll be able to allow your body to release a chemical called dopamine which will affect your emotion, movement, and sense of pleasure and pain. Heightening it to a whole new level creating a more functional and decisive mind.

So, remember, eating well like fruits and vegetables or any other source of food that’ll benefit the prodouction of dopamine, exercising and maintaining a thought out schedule will eventually mature and repair it to a more positive view of the world. Creating a sense of peace, Physically, Spiritually, and lastly emotionally.

Alright, until next time. See u all on my next blog! 🙂

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