My First Love and My Struggles – (Dec 3, 2017)

Hey everyone!! it’s been so long! December is here and it’s the season of love, where if you really hold onto your loved ones tight, all the way home you’ll be warm.

Well, i first would like to ask you, “Have you gotten over your first crush?” (Yes/No) 

If YES, I’m very pleased to hear that you’ve gotten over him/her. But i always wonder what are your next steps and how do you plan to love another person again. Getting your heart broken into a million of pieces and then recovering those pieces together. Sure does put a great pain which won’t heal for quite a long time. But on the other hand, I’m totally wrong and I already know that you’re already looking for someone who’ll love you for YOU. So, I wish you good luck and hope you’ll find that special person who will always light up your days. And if you do find that special person to love, then I’ll only wish if I was in your shoes LOL 😀 Oh boy, i sure am pathetic LOL haha.

IF NO, I understand people always ask me, “Do you love her?” Honestly, I don’t really know. But i do know there’s just something about her i can’t let go. Please believe in yourself and know that this world is a really big place. So, finding that special person will definitely come as long as you trust in yourself, and never give up for the future! Because once you do give up, then it is truly over for you. I too am a victim of this, i feel so lonely, and sometimes I hate myself for not doing this in that way or speaking up when i really shouldn’t. Acting embarrassed and shy. And yet, she never notices. Also, with all of these good qualities you have and still thinks of you as a friend….. Whatever, I’m rambling on all too much. I’m sorry, but I wish she did love me for me. I also wish that i was what she wanted.  But, it’ll never happen to me, no matter how much I wish it to be. She’s gone. Found someone else. And so we all move on. Only taking my empty heart back home where i rest. It’s hard and it’s life. A great pain that teaches us not to foolishly love again. A vow where this sadness will never happen to me again. Never love to quickly! And never assume anything! TALK to her and all will come clear. Talk to yourselves will only divert you away from reality.




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