The Motivation To Keep on, Saving More! – (Dec 1, 2017)


Yep, I put it all in uppercase form. I had to so it’ll catch your attention.

Many days have passed by and I’m sorry for that, I’ve been caught up in my fight against myself mentally speaking LOL. Yes, I woke up this morning telling myself this, “You will definitely write a blog before I go to sleep.” And finally, I won, I feel physically drained from all the worked I’ve been doing. But mentally, I’m okay.

It’s December now, and many of us are getting ready for the holiday shopping season! The most hectic, unbearable, and stressful time of the year. I got to saw many crazy sales and discounted prices. But the best one i saw was a school backpack from Bentley that discounted it from $70 CAD to $25 CAD. Ridiculous! I was like I’m SOLD. Hurray, I want it.

So many positives, whenever I buy lots of stuff. Furthermore, how about the negative aspect of discounted items. Why? Well whenever I’m financially unstable, I always tend to put myself back into a stressful moment financially. And the funny part is that it’s no one fault! but my fault. My weak-headed, gullible little mind gets easily persuaded from all the advertisement. I recommend you guys doing is separating money into different banks and only taking out what’s necessary for you, and budget in a sense where you’ll feel frugal. Basically speaking, buy things that’ll make you happy sometimes and concentrate to reduce cash flow.

Being frugal will help you save more and live happily. By allowing yourselves to be on a strict budget you’ll gain a tremendous amount of money in a yearly return. If you were able to put your saved money in a saving account. So the trick is feeling rich but saving more!

Good Luck everyone on your holiday shopping, hope you’ll be able to save more rather than losing more. I’m very happy that I finished a new blog today for guys and hope to write another very soon.

Alright, until next time. See u all on my next blog! 🙂

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