Itachi Uchiha – A Philosophical Genius.


I really love Itachi Uchiha. Throughout the Naruto series, Itachi is by far my inspiring character throughout the series! Who is Itachi Uchiha? Well, Let’s start from the beginning and enter our way throughout his life from birth to death.

During his childhood, Itachi Uchiha first witnessed his first ever war, where people were dying and fighting non-stop without reason nor a justifiable cause. Seeing all this made itachi a pacifist. At the age of 9, itachi wanted to discover the meaning of life, his questioning and reason were already at a higher level compare to other nine-year-old children. After asking and questioning life, he decided that overall there is no meaning in life and decided to commit suicide. After halfway through fall from a cliff, a crow followed in his path where it tries to save him. Befriending him, itachi ask it indirectly knowing that no one would want to die like that.

Also, Itachi understood death but never comprehend about life, this was not until Sasuke Uchiha was born. Where the meaning of life was finally understood to itachi. Sasuke was the only reason for itachi to continue living. In addition, he joined the Konoha ninja academy only for one reason which is to discover more knowledge of what he sensed his interpretation of life really is. He questioned about life and death, he also questioned about the fighting happening throughout the ninja world. So many questions have yet been answered. Fugaku (Itachi’s Father) trained itachi by giving him many jutsu which was requested from itachi. Learning the Fireball jutsu simply by copying Fugaku hand sign merely under a couple of seconds. But he still praises his father whenever he walks beside him throughout the village merely because of the peace he maintained so far.

Thus, we will conclude our series with itachi and continue on our next blog. Time goes really fast, i hope to finish this series of itachi uchiha soon. It’ll take awhile because explaining his life merely doesn’t finish one blog, it’ll take at least some articles to finish a completed description of him.

Alright, until next time! See u all on my next blog 🙂

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