Trust, Value, and Friendship. They all equal to…. – (Nov 17, 2017)

Hey guys! So you’ve read my title and are curious why I wrote those words, right? Well, I truly believe that if I ever find my perfect girlfriend, I would most definitely want her to have these qualities. It may seem cheesy to you, and even funny. But I believe if a relationship were to ever exist, then I would like us to have trust in each other, Value each other, and Laugh with each other. These basic things in life will truly bring about a great happiness between us.

Being connected through feeling is something I haven’t even grasp to understand. The thought of having our heart sync? Is that even possible? I just don’t know. I’ve read so many articles regarding this issue. If two individuals were truly in love with each other, then if you were to measure their heartbeats, you’ll get the same resulting heartbeats. Many scientists have tried and got results that were astonishing! Only couples who’ve experienced true pure love a hormonal change is released from the brain to the body and with just a glance of the eyes, a couple is able to read each other hearts.

Love is so complicated. Love is beautiful. Love has no contract, it’s a lifelong commitment. A time where you’ll never be alone or lonely. You’ll never need to write a blog LOL. Love comes naturally not artificially. Love is a blessing. LOL, I’m just being ridiculous about writing this whole blog. I’m scared of telling you guys about this. But I feel a little confident to tell you about this. I may be weird, but at least I speak the truth.

Literally, My heart is pumping so much writing this whole piece. I feel like my interpretation of what love means between a couple is correct? Society has no control over me and I’m free to choose anyone. Same goes for you guys as well. Choose someone who makes you laugh every time you see, who makes you smile even when they’re not present, who keeps you company, who always keeps you warm and protected, and who always comes to you first whenever a problem arises.

That someone is still out there for me, waiting for me…. There’s also someone for you too. Never sway yourselves to the path of loneliness. Always keep on believing. Never give up because when you do then it’s truly over. Keep walking and never look back. If I can do this, then YOU CAN TOO.

Alright, until next time! See u all in my next blog 🙂


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