Winter’s Frost have yet to come? A little poem that i’ve never done – (Nov 15, 2017)

The season of Winter is truly a blissful and pure season, where the light little flakes of snow rolls off on the roof, still sometime symmetrical snowflakes sneak through. A mighty wind blows with puffs of snow and keeps the grass protected with huge lumps of snow. LOL should i keep going with this poem? I don’t know.

As i walk through the white blanket of snow, just making me jealous of the one who is warm. Cloudy clouds fog up the view, while a little snow combine together obstructs my little old shoe.

All right, so i’ll stop with the poem and continue from what i really wanted to say. Well, in Toronto, the season of winter is rather particularly perplexed. Right now, its November 15, and it’s still WARM out there. NOT a sign of winter there. How come? i don’t know. I always get scary whenever the seasons is offset. I always wonder if we humans are the problem? And if so, how can improve ourselves for the greater good?

If you are just like me and worried about climate change, then please i recommend you to read up on some articles about climate change. Furthermore, continue gathering more knowledge and create prevention plans so we all can live peacefully in earth and decrease the effects of climate change.

Until next time, See u all in my next blog!


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